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Health & Saftey

The school has agreed policy documents for Child Protection, First Aid and Health and Safety as well as a Policy for Supporting Children who have a medical need. We also have a clear Building Security Policy and an Emergency Resilience Plan.

Health and Safety Officers:   Mr T Hardy/ Mrs J B Hirst

First Aiders:  Support staff and Lunchtime Supervisors.  Mrs Leech is our appointed person.  First Aid certificates are kept up to date and renewed as necessary.


Medical, eyesight and hearing checks are carried out periodically by the school nurse.  She is also happy to discuss with parents any concerns about health problems you may have.

Pupils may need to have a further medical examination during their time in school.  Where this occurs, parents are notified approximately two weeks before hand and are requested to accompany their child during the examination. 

Children who become ill at school

If a child becomes unwell during the school day.  The office notifies parents as soon as possible so that your child can return home.

Children with Asthma

Children with asthma are expected to take part in normal curricular activities unless parents have informed school of any difficulties and this is confirmed by a doctors instruction.  Children are asked to bring spare inhalers which are normally kept in the office and children can have access to them immediately and without question.

Medical problems and Medicines

Parents should alert staff of any children who are likely to have medical problems.  This information can be passed to any member of staff who will be supervising the child at any time.  Where necessary, for example, with the use of epipen, care plans are put in place and staff training undertaken.  Children are allowed to self-administer medicines upon the completion of a parental consent form which can be obtained from the office.  School staff are not permitted to administer medicines.

Vehicles on the premises

Please help us to keep our premises safe by not driving motor vehicles onto school premises.

Under no circumstances should motor vehicles be brought on to school premises without the prior consent of the Headteacher.  To do so, constitutes an offence and is punishable by a fine under local byelaws.  Your co-operation in this matter is strongly sought.

Healthy Eating Policy

We are a healthy school and have achieved Silver Award. We are part of the ‘free fruit’ scheme, which provides all Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children with fruit daily. Children in Key Stage Two are able to bring fruit or healthy snacks for playtime. Children under the age of 5 are entitled to free milk and after this milk can be purchased termly. The Governing Body provides all children with their first water bottle when they become full time so that they are able to drink water throughout the day. Our school meals provide a healthy, balanced meal which you are welcome to come in and sample and children are rewarded for their healthy choices. In addition, as part of our curriculum, children are taught about healthy foods and later, a balanced diet and are encouraged strongly to eat healthily.